Elida is often referred to as the "sailing church," as our purpose and goal is to make Jesus Christ known among people in various ways, and the tool we use is the sailing vessel Elida. Since the very beginning, our work has been based on our personal experiences and encounters with Jesus, and our desire is to provide a meeting point, where all people are welcome to come and taste, get to know and see who Jesus Christ is.

The Bible is the compass of our faith, sailing is our great interest and fellowship with God and other people is the attribute of our sailing community. We are not a church but but wish to function as the "prolonged arm" of all churches, wherever we go.
Elida is an open fellowship and a mix of people and cultures, where there is always room for dialogue and the expression of thought.

Elida is much more than just the formal organization. Many people are linked to us in various ways and are part of our work, such as our PartnerShip members, priests and pastors who return every year with their youth groups for camps, intercessors, young people and others who sail with us, as well as all those who often and willingly provide practical help in different ways.

On the following pages you can read more about our work, history, the crew, how you can come sail with us, look at pictures, etc.
However, if there is any information you cannot find, do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to Elida!