Some news from India

2011-09-26 00:32

I just spoke with Annamma, who wanted to update me on the situation on Elida's children's homes in India. She wanted to share the following with you:

A mother with two girls, aged 7-9, recently arrived to Elida's girls' home. The father had been arrested for murder and will be sentenced to either death or prison for life.
The mother and children got to stay with us, but after only a few days, the police arrived and detained the mother, as well, suspected for assisted murder.

In jail the mother became very ill, and an examination showed she suffered form very advanced cancer. She can receive medical assistance, in case someone pays for her, but she only has the Elida childrens' home to turn to.

So, for the now being – maybe forever – we now have two new girls to care for.

In addition, Mercy has caught cancer for the second time. Mercy, 48 years old, is married to our second-pastor Daniel, who has grown up at our children's home. Coming Monday (26 Sept.) she will go through surgery, and you're more than welcome to help us pray for her that the operation will turn out succesful!
Mercy and Daniel have two grown sons.

Regarding our children's home director, Joy, the trials continue, following the death of the elephant on our farm, which you might have read about previously. We really hope this will soon be over so we can put it behind. We also hope the verdict will be to Joy's favour in all regards!

As you might read between the lines, our children's homes are in great need of some extra funds to be able to cover expenses for hospital, medicines and after-care, in addition to the fact that prices for food, electricty, tuition and most other things continue to rise.

Thank you all who faithfully fight along our side! I really hope to be able to get back with praise reports soon!


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