Time for music on the Canary Islands!

2012-03-01 17:57

The engine is running, and we're just about to set out from the port of Las Palmas to launch this year's Music Tour on the Canry Islands!
The music equipment is already on deck, and the plan is to go out with singing & music and the slowly sail past the large beach, Playa de Las Canteras, before heading south.

It's not set yet where we will go first (depends on the weather still), but it leans toward taking a trip to the island of La Gomera, where the carnival is still going.
In other words: There's lots of people there! So, of course, that's where we want to be! =)

After that we'll mostly hang around Gran Canaria in the beginning of next week, with various music gigs in two different Tourist Churches (see the calendar for more exact times and locations). But we also plan a vissit to Tenerife.

We hope to be able to get back to you many times during coming week, with more posts of our doings.

Now – let's go!

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