Street music in Puerto Rico

2012-03-03 21:59

Greetings from sunny Canary Islands!

We're all doing fine – and everyone's one or more degrees more tanned-slash-red than before. =)

So far we haven't gotten any chance to be moored at night, but have had to anchor outside Puerto Rico. Yesterday afternoon we were able to moor for a few hours and went up to the shopping center with accoustic guitars and cajón to sing. Much appreciated!

After that we sailed slowly by the coast for about an hour while singing for all the hotels in the dusk. Everywhere we saw people stepping out on their balconies waving – either with their hands or cellphones. =)

Today we had some quiet time for a few hours with time for personal devotion or rest. Then we sailed around for a while before being allowed to moor in Puerto Rico.
For the moment we have some free time ashore, but in ten minutes we'll all meet up again to make some more street music.
Later tonight we'll also have a smaller dock meeting on the ship down in the port.

Tomorrow night we'll participate in a service in the Tourist Church by Playa del Inglés, held in Templo Ecuménico. We'll probably do some street music on the plaza before that, too.

Hugs from all of us!

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