Change of plans

2012-03-08 22:41

We do live and are doing well! I understand that many impatiently have waited for our updates, but I must admit that it's really difficult to find free Internet here. Sometimes I run across some free wifi, but then I seldom have my computer with me, and because of wrong web program I can't blog from my iPhone, unfortunately.

Anyway. Yesterday our plan was to go over to Tenerife and La Gomera, and we hoisted both main and mizzen and set off. The forecast had promised 10 m/s, and we were prepared for some slight leaning.

Well, the forecast was not correct...! Just as we passed west Gan Canaria, the wind picked up to full storm! There was foam on the sea, and everything and everyone fell all over the place like mittens. Of course, we were just about to start eat, too...
In a herioc effort, Anna quickly climbed the main mast to pull down the sail, while the ship flew and dove in the waves, and the water splashed all over the deck over and over again.

We held out for about ten minutes, then Stefan decided to turn around. No use to press forward for another five hours or so and wear out the music team.

But all worked out well. We went to Puerto Mogán and played for about two hours on different spots along the beach walk – highly appreciated!
And then we got in contact with the Norwegian Tourist Church in Puerto Rico, which invited us the same night for a singing service called "Let the whole church sing."
Later that night, around ten, we went back to the shopping center to sing, and this time, it was packed with people! Hundreds and hundreds stopped to listen both to the songs and to the Captain, who briefly spoke in between the songs about Jesus' work on the cross and the power of forgiveness. It was fantastic! Wide open! =)

During the week we have visited a number of churches, as well as singed on the streets, beachwalks and shopping centers n the evenings. In the mornings we've had some time off, for personal devotion, rest and maybe beach.
Today we were caught in a sand storm that swept all across south Gran Canaria and stayed anchored all day. But right now we're heading out on the streets of Puerto Rico again.

Blessings to you all!

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Johan säger (20120309, kl 16.38)


(Pure Nilsson Power!)

ingalill haraldsson säger (20120309, kl 14.03)

Härligt att få höra från er ! Kan inte annat än tänka att det var Guds mening att ni skulle in i Puerto Mogan. Att så många människor lyssnade där, jag tror att Gud sår rikligt detta året,ber att ni ska få vara med och "skörda".
jag tror att Jesus verkar i människors liv på ett mäktigt sätt just detta året, vi behöver alla Gud.
Så jag ber för er att Herren sänder många i er väg som vill möta Herren, Gud välsignar er!

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