Time to go home

2012-03-14 10:34

In an hour or two, we'll leave quay, Canary Islands and land-at-sight for a week or so ahead.

At this very moment we're bunkering diesel, while all our newly-arrived Norwegian sailing students are carrying off our mizzen sail to a sailmaker, who will fix the rip that we caught in the gale outside Gibraltar in October. Meanwhile, Eddie is fixing a broken shower box, AnnaF is filling out the port's guestbook, AnnaN is emptying all our trash, and Karin is getting her bangs cut.
In other words: we're soon ready for take-off! =)

Everyone sailing with us has arrived, that is seven Swedes that have happened to get the comprehensive term "the oldies", as well as 16 students from a college in Norway.
In addition some crewmembers have left us: Biggan, Sten and Nils-Åke have all been sick for quite some time now and went home to recover; and Nathalie is flying home this afternoon to prepare for the intensive spring camp season.
Another group will sign off in Porto, but the rest plan to come with us (endure?) the whole way to Sweden.

The music team flew home last Saturday, and the crew had Sunday off – and could go to chruch! *yeay*
After that we've prepared for the long sail, such as doing the grocery shopping for 35 people and seven days at sea...! Six shopping carts of food!
And so anytime now, we'll set sail – unless something unexpected happens (which, of course, is quite common in seafaring life).

A sad notification is that we're having problems with our wap service enabling us to blog via mobile network while travelling. We've been told they company is working on it, but I can't promise when we'll be back with updates. In worst case it won't be until we're ashore again somewhere along the way.
Just so you know.

In addition I forewarn you all that our AIS signal won't show on and off while out on the Atlantic ocean, which means you won't be able to see us on the map every now and then. But we can't really do anything about that from here. =)
You just need to be patient and return to check another time.

Much love from all of us!

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mona-lisa säger (20120319, kl 21.10)

Hej alla seglarvänner, jag vet vad som förestår och jag är inte avundsjuk. Hade gärna varit med och seglat kring Kanarieöarna, men kanske finns det möjlighet nästa år - eller under evangelisations-veckan i sverige.
Jag kommer och möter med kanelbullar i Göteborg!!!!!!

Jens Hoffmann säger (20120314, kl 13.24)

Jeg har i mange år besøgt den Skandinaviske kirke, når jeg er der i oktober/november og februar/marts.
Men fik i år en ekstra stor og berigende oplevelse da jeg hørte ELIDA den 28.februar (var ikke klar at i kom).
Jeres personlig fremtoning gjort VILD stort indtryk på mig. Specielt lederens og Andreas. Tak for jeres vidnesbyrd og Gud velsignelse med jeres arbejde!

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