Finally in Porto

2012-03-22 18:22

(written on Wednesday)

Finally a sign of life!
In writing moment I'm sitting on aft deck, in the sun, which we haven't seen much if lately. I thought I'd use the time before my watch to prepare a blog post, even though I won't be able to publish it until we reach shore.

We have just had a short stop to jump into the ocean as the sea is perfectly still, looking like a mirror, and the sun is hot. It might be the last chance for some to get a tan before going home.

It's a looong journey between the Canary Islands and Portugal! Seemingly endless days of nothing but the ocean, the sky and the same routines of watches and meals. Hour after hour. Day after day.
Today is the eighth day at sea, and I can assure you that everyone longs for steady ground under the feet.
We've had the wind straight against us all the way (except for right now), leaning the same way every day. Uncomfortable for all those having to sleep on the side edge of the bunk night after night, very comfortable for all others... :)

Yesterday we had to go by engine, as well, despite nice sailing weather, only so that the people going home from Porto won't have to buy new flight tickets. We really didn't expect this journey to take this long. Hopefully, we'll get there in time.
The sea has been pretty rough, too, making the ship bounce really loud and hard, especially in the aft cabin. There every bounce causes you to fly in your bunk, I assure you!

A nice break in all this was a short stop on Madeira, this gorgeous little island north of Gran Canaria, on the third day of sailing (Friday). We weren't allowed to moor but anchored outside and sent people ashore with the RIB boat for five hours of free time. Highly appreciated. It's a very nice place, well worth visiting!
When we headed back to the ship, the wind had picked up quite a bit, ad it was a wet experience getting everyone, including the groceries, onboard. Luckily we're water resistant.

As the sail has taken longer than expected, we've now reached the stage of "cooking-out-of-nothing-but-preferably-without-having-to-use-propane..." :)
In addition we've reached a milestone, a unique event, in Elida's history: we've run out of coffee!!
I never thought that day would come. Poor ol' men having to survive the day (and night) without coffee. And soon we might not even be able to make tea, if we run out of propane, as well.
May God bless what we have left! :)

Much love from the sailors!

(update: Thursday)
We're moored! After a wonderful morning with downwinds (finally!), the wind suddenly died out completely, and Captain had to start up the engine for the last hour.
Around 3 pm we could finally touch ground, feels so good! Glory! :)

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Sven-Olof Axelsson säger (20120322, kl 23.55)

Hej alla. Vad skönt att få kontakt igen. Förstår att det varit en dryg segling från Kanarieöarna. Själv flyger jag till Köpenhamn från Basel på lördag och sedan tåg till Göteborg. Det börjar bli en vana. Stannar i Sverige till 6 april. Hoppas att vi hinner ses. Annars är jag tillbaka den 17:e april igen. Vi måste träffas snart. Ha det bra och hoppas ni får en fin segling över Biscayabukten.
Hälsningar Sven-Olof

Luis säger (20120322, kl 21.29)

Welcome to Leixoes!
Glad to know you have a good trip.
I wish you a pleasant stay among us and that can achieve the goals that brought you up here.
If I can be useful to you in something please contact me.
Greetings from the land!

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