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2012-03-25 10:26

After a restful day on land, one evening+ one morning, we left Porto yesterday (sunday) with our storages filled up anew with food, propane- and not least, coffee!:)
We left around 3-4 pm, and had a pretty nice west downwind going up along the coast.

During the night the wind has altered between picking up and dying out completely, back and forth. Right now we go by engine again, ceasessly being rolled from side to side by the enormous Atlantic waves.

Most likely we won't go into La Coruna this time but continue straight into the Bay of Biscay.

A side note: After publishing the previous blog post, we received a comment from a Portugese man from Porto, welcoming us to the city and wondering of he could help us out with anything.
It all ended with him showing up with his van yeasterday morning in order to take us to a grocery store and helping us do the shopping and getting foos and propande to the ship!
What a blessing! God has ways and people everywhere.

All our crew (of currently 31 people) give their best to you all!

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