In the Channel

2012-03-27 22:30

It's obvious we've come north; yesterday we noticed a clear change of temperature. It's cold!
By now we've been at sea for exactly two weeks, and we've managed to have the wind against us the whole way, except for one afternoon! Unbelievable.
Thankfully, we've had pretty good speed, though, most of the time, and we were happy to cross the Biscay in a little more than two days only.

But the English Channel is quite long, as well, longer than one thinks. We'll probably go into Lowestoft, where we sadly will lose most of the Norwegians, as well as Eddie, who all will fly home.
The rest of us plan to have tea with scones and strawberries... :)

Today a big bunch of dolphins came by to visit - maybe the last ones during this trip? - and they stayed for many hours. I never stop being mesmerized by their graceful play in the water.

The Captain just announced we will anchor within an hour or two in a bay somewhere in south-west England. The incessant tack winds and constant leaning of the ship (always the same way), has left us all in good need of a good night's sleep in horizontal position before continuing our journey, Captain said.
True. It's tiring, despite the many idle hours every day.

With these words we wish you all a nice continued evening - or day, depending on when you read this.

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Tim Jenkins säger (20120329, kl 13.06)

Hi Guys

Hope all is going well, how many scones & cream will you be wanting when you come to Lowestoft?? really looking forward to catching up very soon

Blessings & much love


Luis säger (20120328, kl 1.00)

I see that you are already anchored in Penzance.
I have closely followed your journey from Leixoes to the coast of Cornwall.
Glad to have you done safely.
I wish you good weather and can sleep relaxed and quiet.
Be blessed.

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