Passed the North Sea

2012-04-03 08:54

The lights of Danish Hanstholm at 3am this morning was a sweet, much longed-for sight for e eye! Now we can start for real counting the hours until we're home. And "home" tastes good.

The North Sea is the North Sea, you can't get away from that. During some journeys over the years, it's been still and calm, but that's more an exception than a rule. And this time, the rule prevailed, even though we managed to avoid the storm and really rough seas that first were forecast. Instead we've had sunshine most f the way (two shorter moments of snowfall), and we've kept good speed, mostly 8-10 knots, with reefed mizzen plus jib or reefed genoa.

The North Sea is a very shallow sea, so the waves tend to be hard and rough – and surprising the helmsman every now and then with a sudden shower. =)
It has also been leaning, tilting, quite a bit (around 30 sometimes 40 degrees).
We, coming from the south, are also not yet used to the cold, that you need to wear a dozen pieces of clothing, making you look like a Micheline man moving around in the tilting, raising or trimming sails, cooking, doing dishes and going to the bathroom.
Only clearing away a coffee break and doing dishes can be like a gym session, with all muscles tense at all times.

During the journey we've been treated by our co-sailers, sailing trainees. First out, Staffan and Ingvar, who cooked us a three-course dinner! Then Lars treated us with a party "fika", and yesterday, Roland surprised us all with icecream! THANK YOU!

And today, tonight, we will sail into Gothenburg, we'll be home! What a joy!


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Tore Leckström säger (20120403, kl 15.11)

Härligt att höra ifrån er, välkomna hem och tack för åkturen jag fick från Las Palmas upp till Porto. Hälsningar Tore

Familie Spangenberg säger (20120403, kl 11.11)

Hello ELIDA,

We have your ship on the horizon and discovered Loenstrup read anything about it. A great mission! Enjoying the sunny day and the hour to Gothenburg on the sea.
God bless you.

Kind regards
Spangenberg family
Berlin / Germany (our home)

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