And finally we're home!

2012-04-04 22:55

Yes, we really are home!
The journey, which began in Las Palmas on 14 March, took almost exactly three weeks. We started out with 36 people onboard, "lost" some and "gained" som along the way, and in the end 22 people sailed into Gothenburg in the dusk last night (Tuesday).

Outside the Danish city of Skagen, we met up with a wonderful north-west downwind, which kicked us toward the Swedish coast in 10 knots and bright sunshine.
The last part offered classic archipelago tack sailing, at first in 8 knots and heavy(!) tilting, but then the speed dropped to 1.2 knots... And finally the Captain agreed on starting up the main engine. =)

In Gothenburg we were met by a whole welcome committee of relatives and friends – and cinnamon rolls! (thank you, Mona-Lisa!)
Then there were goodbyes, and people left in various directions, except for those who stayed onboard overnight for next-day further transportation.

Thank you, Jesus, that everything went well durign this long journey!

Now we have some days of rest before camp season begins on Sunday!

Until next time!

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Sven-Olof Axelsson säger (20120408, kl 17.02)

Hej. När vi kom på besök på kvällen den 5:e, var båten tom. Det var rent och snyggt som nytt. Svårt att tro att Elida mindre än ett dygn tidigare just angjort Göteborg efter drygt 2200 mil på mindre än tre veckor. Fantastisk. Jag kände mig mycket stolt, rörd och tacksam över att få vara en liten del i detta fantastiska projekt.

Roland Forsberg säger (20120405, kl 15.07)

Stort TACK för fina dagar på Elida.
Lev väl Roland

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