Easter camp for our Sweden Confirmands

2012-04-12 23:29

This afternoon (Thursday) Elida's own lovely Sweden Confirmands signed off after five days onboard. This was the group's second camp out of four during the year.
Due to the bad weather, there wasn't much sailing this time, but we still had a good time and now look forward to the next camp, in June, when we will sail together for two weeks.

Two of the confirmands, Matilda and Lovisa, wrote about the camp:
We've just left the island Hönö and are on our way back to Gothenburg
. The Easter began with lots of rain, which caused us to remain in port two days. But on Tuesday evening we finally sailed to the island Öckerö, and yesterday to Hönö, despite the lack of wind.

The lessons have been about the life of Jesus and why we celebrate Easter. The morning and evening prayers have been really great, and we've sung tons of songs. Some of the crewmembers ahve told us about answers to prayer, how they became Christians and why they believe in God.

The Easter Camp has been awesome, but for the next camp we hope for more sunshine and warmth. =)
The best part has been the fellowship, getting to know everyone better.

We, the crew, fully agree: more sunshine, more fellowship and more of God next time!
Now we "re-load" for our next camp, a group of confirmands from Sexdrega parish arriving tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend!

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