Sexdrega parish

2012-04-15 14:15

This weekend we sailed with confirmands and leaders from the Sexdrega parish in west Sweden.
Here's a blog written by some of them:

During three days on Elida we've experienced a camp like no other.

We done everything from praying to hoisting sails. We've hung out with the great, nice crew, who has treated us with songs, games and mischiefs.
And we must not forget the awesome food we've been served.

When we arrived at Marstrand, both we and the big, wonderful ship were caught on cameras by lots of tourists from everywhere.

To feel the wind blowing in the hair and see the glittering ocean, the rocks and the seals, will definitely make us and the whole group want to come back again.

Thank you for everything!
/Amanda, Elin & Ronja

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Karin Augustsson säger (20120419, kl 14.55)

Javisst längtar man tillbaka!!!
Det var 10:e gången vi åkte med Elida och fler hoppas vi att det blir :)! Karin

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