Important crew days

2012-04-27 10:52

This past week, Monday through Thursday, we've had some wonderful and important crew days together. We went to the island Marstrand (which we often visit with group sailings), where we checked in at the lodging Båtellet, as the only guests.
Båtellet is where we have some of our fall camps while the ship is located in Spain, so we're used to the place. We stay in double rooms and have a kitchen to ourselves for cooking, in addition to a larger cozy room for gatherings – and, not to forget, access to sauna! =)

There was no problem filling out the days with activities! Still we used much time for fellowship, sometimes in forms of fun collaberation and improvisation excercises.
One group task was to plan a three-course dinner according to a set budget (one dish per group) and then go shopping before preparing it for the evening. What a feast!

We also had teaching sessions with Stefan (the Captain) and important discussions regarding our long-term goals. We spent a few hours talkgin about what we, as crew, can do to facilitate for people to experience more of God onboard. An incredibly important, rewarding session!
We also rehearsed the statutes of Elida and everything once began.

In addition we had evaluation of everyone's area of responsibility, and walked through the orders of delegation so everyone is more secure in his or her task onboard.

The days grew long; still, time went fast. Soon it was time to return to the ship to prepare for the next camp, which arrived at 6pm.

I'm so grateful I get to work for a higher purpose, something of eternal value! Many years ago, my youth pastor-at-the-time gave me this advice: "Make sure you stake your life on the only things that have eternal value, i.e. the Word of God and people!"
So true!
And how important it is sometimes to step off the carousel to, once again, ask yourself why you do what you do, so things don't turn into plain routine (easy done even when you work for the Kingdom of God!). To once again inculcate the purpose. And also ask yourself how we can raise the level in what we do even more – in our case, how we can fish more effectively! =)


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Audun säger (20120429, kl 1.19)

Stefan og hele familien, og medarbeidere. Ønsker dere Guds rike velsignelse og Hans visdom og kraft i deres videre arbeid for Herren!
Jeg takker Gud for dere hver gang jeg tenker på dere!

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