A sailor's day off

2012-05-03 21:56

Hello friends, confirmands and fanclub!

Today something very unusual but wonderful happened – all of the crew had a day off! This was, of course, especially nice for Capt'n Stefan, who is onboard every single sail we have.

If I may say so – which I do! – I've spent my day off very well. I've hung out with some of our former confirmands.
Last night I had dinner with a girl who was in our Spain confirmation class two years ago, and today I met up with a girl from last year's Sweden confirmation class for some "fika" and sun.

Our conversations looked very differently, but something I really appreciated was that I was able to talk about faith with both of them. All questions don't have an obvious, easy answer, but still it feels good to sit down and talk about things close to heart.

You might think I'm the one giving them something, as I was their camp leader, but truth is I receive s much back from them. It's confirmands like these two girls that make me develop and progress, to look ahead and to verbalize things I think and believe in.
I've made two great friends, thanks to our camps oboard!

And I want to stress that this is what confirmation at Elida is all about: relations. Relations between individual confirmands. A growing relation to us leaders. And from the bottom of our hearts, all of us in the crew wish that every single teenager onboard will get a relation with Jesus!

Enjoy the sun, and have a great weekend!


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