Team Elida to visit Göta Channel

2012-05-30 21:51

After being absent for many years now, Elida finally makes its return to the Göta Channel this summer, 16-23 June!

Unfortunately, it's not the actual ship that will show up in the channel locks‚ it's way too high, wide, deep and long for that... =(
(find four faults)

But that doesn't stop parts of Elida's crew to come to sing!
And fact is, they will come sailing through the Channel, but on another boat.

It is the Norwegian missions boat Gledesspreder'n (The Spreader of Joy), that will sail with a team of musicians during one week of June and hold dock meetings along its way, led by Diana Abrahamsson and our dear friend Gert Kindbom.

As always, everyone is of course welcome, both to listen and to come onboard for a chat in connection to the meetings.

Below you find the schedule for which ports we will visit.

We hope to see you this summer, along one of Sweden's absolutely most beautiful channels!

Dock meeting schedule:
Saturday 16 June:    Karlsborg, at 7 pm
Sunday 17 June:      Forsvik, at 7 pm
Monday 18 June:      Vassbacken, at 7 pm
Tuesday 19 June:     Töreboda, at 6 pm
Wednesday 20 juni:  Lyrestad, at 7 pm
Thursday 21 June:    Sjötorp, at 7 pm
Friday 22 June:        Sjötorp, at 11 am
                              Mariestad, at 7 pm
Saturday 23 June:    Mariestad, at 11 am and 7 pm

PS. The tour will run parallel to continued ongoing camps onboard the ship Elida.

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Dr Mumin säger (20120628, kl 20.26)

Ville bara tacka för en 3vlig musikstund då vi råkade på Gledesspreder'n i töreboda

Magnus Fridén säger (20120531, kl 1.08)

Lidköping då?

jimmy säger (20120530, kl 18.46)

kommer ni inte till lidköping ??

mvh jimmy

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