Elida's sixth group confirmed

2012-06-15 13:04

There were tears, hugs and sadness, but mot of all joy and smiles as our Spain 1 group were confirmed last Sunday. Until late Saturday night, we work hard to squeeze in everything that had to be done before the final ceremony.

Our priest, Magnus, had his last lessons, and we, the crew, shared our last devotions during morning and evening prayers. More than ever, you really felt the necessity to find the right words ot the confirmands.

But we also sailed, of course, and with us all camp we had a tv crew from the Swedish Christian tv channel "Kanal 10," whose main task was to produce a program about the confirmands and their journey with God. After the Sunday ceremony, they also interviewed previous Elida confirmands to show all viewers that God is alive, today, among young people in Sweden. And not only around confirmation, but later on in life, as well.

On Saturday, during the camp, former crewmember Andreas Zimmergren got married with his Malin, and some of the crew went there for the party.
But as you all might know, Elida loves PARTIES, so we brought all of our confirmands along! In the middle of teh wedding feast, Captain Stefan held a speech, and right then 25 people (dressed in survival suits) entered, just to sing a song and greet the happy couple. =)

During the last evening, it felt evident to offer prayer and intercession. Inviting God is always special. When His light shines, things that might have been hidden come up, and together we can pray for change and restoration. Something we all experience every now and then, sometimes sooner sometimes later on.

Very often I find it hard to grasp all the good things that God is giving and showing me. Because it amazes me that I have the privilege to work with these wonderful young people that together constitute the Spain 1 group. To see them grow in faith.
All of us in the crew now have one wish: That all 19 of them will continue to grow, and that there will be other people around them, at home, to water, prune and provide light on the seed that we have been able to sow in their lives.

We are where we are, and you all know we are always here for you!
BIG HUGS to all of you in our Spain 1 group!


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