A blessed 2013

2013-01-05 11:08

All the children centers in India and Elida Mission wish you all a blessed new year 2013!

The terrace above Life Center was decorated with flowers and electric lights, and a cypress became a Christmas tree. Our children and workers, in addition to all who previously have grown up at the Center and their families - more than 200 people altogether - celebrated a wonderful Christmas together, Joy reports.

On New Years Day around 3,000 people gathered in church and on the grounds outside to celebrate the new year together. There was an alert that a group had planned to attack the service, so many policemen arrived to protect the church. Fortunately, nothing happened.

The trial (regarding the dead elephant, see previous blog posts) on December 3 was a partial victory for Joy, and now we hope for a final victory and end to this story on February 6. Please continue to pray for Joy!
Joy and Annamma also ask for prayer for protection against the dengue fever, which ravages in the area and have affected many people. The fever is spread by the mosquitos and is so difficult to intercept that many have already died from it, although the Elida Children Centers so far have been spared.

Thank you for your support!


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