End of tour - Sweden next

2013-03-14 18:25

Yes, our sunny, wonderful Music Tour on the Canary Islands has ended, and yesterday by midnight, Elida left Las Palmas' port for the northbound journey to Sweden. They will make some short stops along the way, and we hope for some signs of life during the coming weeks.
Until then, you can read Sara's account (below) of the days full of music on Gran Canaria.

Two weeks have flown by. All of us in the music crew flew down to Las Palmas on the evening of February 26 and were met by the wonderful, warm southern night breeze.
Next morning we woke up to dear reunions, many hugs and laughs as the tour began.

First up was the recording of a new music CD with all our songs, and we began with a day of practice as they guys had to finalize some technical sound details. The next three days we recorded one amazing song after another. Great inter-play and joint sound along with a divine common goal made everything go smoothly, quick and successfully.
To witness about Jesus through music in this way in a recording project is fantastic!

Of course, we also played music live for people, from the ship, on the streets and in churches. After an interesting and somewhat wet dingee ride ashore, from the anchored Elida, we played at the Scandinavian Tourist Church's Café Evening in Playa del Inglés, and when all attendants suddenly joined in on the chorus in the Swedish old hymn God's Fountain Has Water in Abundance, shivers went down my spine. I realized what an amazing power God has placed in music.

In the Las Palmas Scandinavian Tourist Church, we were invited to hold a West Coast Evening, where shrimp sandwiches and great fellowship were on the agenda. We contributed with songs, testimonies and short stories.

Apart from all the wonderful chhurch visits (eight, in total), singing on the streets and squares was something we did a lot. Many people stop to listen, and you can get closer to them that way.
When the weather allowed, we also played from the ship. We then sailed slowly along the hotel-jammed coastline and shared the wonderful message about Jesus through songs such as You Raise Me up, Jesus Is Right Here, and In My Soul. All over people came out on their balconies to listen and wave, and the camera flashes rattled.
When I think about how incredibly many people got to hear about God those nights, I get all speechless.

But the music tour also contained wonderful moments at the beach, exciting (read: dangerous!) bus rides in the mountains, sunshine, fellowship with old and new acquaintances, great Bible teaching sessions on evangelization and missions, laughters, answers to prayers, good food, and much more.

As a conclusion I just want to say that the Canary Island Music Tour of 2013 was fabulous! I'm so grateful of the work we all get to do on God's commission, when we in various ways talk about the place He has in our lives and wants to have in everyone's life.

Now the Elida crew is gearing up for the spring camp season before the next music tour starts back home. This will truly be a year of jubilee!

Thank you all for your prayers, and please continue to pray for all the people we have encountered during these past few weeks!


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