My first Elida summer

2013-08-06 16:39

Hey everyone!

I'm Anna, the new music girl onboard, and I've now had my first five weeks on Elida. It seems time has completly rushed away!
As always, it was a little nervous to come to a completely new context, but I think everything has went well.

There have been challenges, no doubt! 'Cause it's like this: I've always had a terrible stage fear. But already on the very first dock meeting in Visby (Gotland), I was asked to speak by the Captain...!
I stood there, and my mouth just moved as if by itself, and for the first time I realized it isn't about me. It's not because of who I am that the Captain is asking me all these questions - it's because I know Jesus, and because I know my testimony can make other people get to know Jesus, as well.

Following that dock meeting, the penny dropped: I'm here to tell about Jesus, my best friend. And I got to do just that almost every single day, and I saw how people really listened to what I said. That's a strange but wonderful feeling!

Another wonderful thing was to sail. Me, being a novice when it comes to the sea, turned out to have the fantastic gift of not getting seasick, which helped a lot during our sail to Norway, when it blew hard. But sure - just going to the bathroom when everything is tilting and swaying can be hard enough.
Otherwise, I've had the honour to help out a lot in the galley together with Gustav, much depending on the fact I have some weird eating habits (read: allergies), but that's another, sadder story..

Life on a boat in the middle of the summer has changed a great deal of my life, to the better. I've grown each day, and I've never been happier! The grass is greener, and the sea is much bluer these days.

I can't imagine ever doing anything else in the summer than to be onboard Elida, where I get to spread the love of Jesus! It turned out, that out there on the ocean, I found myself, and happiness.

I wish you all a continued good summer, and all of God's rich blessings,

/Anna Olin (a Christian since 1.5 years)

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Ralf säger (20130807, kl 13.32)

Härliga bilder Anna och en myket uppmuntrande text!

Ralf säger (20130807, kl 13.31)

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