We're on our way!

2013-09-18 12:01

And finally we've set out on our long journey, once again!

Depending on the winds, we will have sailed around 1,900 nautical miles when we arrive in Malaga, southern Spain, in a few weeks.
Right now (Wednesday morning) we're outside the Danish city of Skagen and move ahead in about 7 knots - by engine. We had jib, mizzen and even the main sail hoisted in hope of normal speed, but to no avail. We reckoned 1 knot was a little too slow... =)
But we have wonderful sunny weather, almost no waves and it's not even cold. We could hardly get better conditions - had it not been for the fish-smelling odour drifting upon us from land.

We're 14 people onboard this leg of the journey. Three watches, with four people in two of them and five people in the third one. The Captain is assisting all watches whenever needed. Within the teams everyone helps out during their watch hours with cooking, doing dishes, trimming sails and steering Elida towards the south. We're a happy group of people who look forward to whateveer this trip will have to offer!

Blessings to you all!
/Elida Crew

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