And we're back!

2014-01-19 18:27

After some time of silence here on the blog, I can now delight you with the fact we are now starting up another season onboard Elida!

During the past weekend, most of the crew and our music team came together for some days to reflect over things that have been but most of all to gear up for things to come. The conversations, laughter and fellowship lasted both in gathering halls and around the meals, and we are many who leave enthused over known as well as unknown aventures lying ahead.

Tomorrow Nathalie, Karin, Clara, Gustav, Johannes, Lisa and Mikael get on the plane to go 'back home' to the ship in Cartagena, Spain. Three days later, Captain Stefan arrives, as well, and then the rest of us follow in short. Very soon we'll all be there again, and everything will be back to normal.

Welcome to join us here on the blog and see what we do, and most of all what God will do for and through Elida during 2014!
Bless you all!


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Östen Sundell säger (20140122, kl 14.22)

Jag önskar er alla ett fantastiskt år! Vi är många som tänker på er. Joh 3:16

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