Time to go home

2014-03-13 00:08

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 8 a.m. Swedish time, we plan to cast off the lines and leave Las Palmas and Canary Islands for now, aiming for Sweden and the cold North.

Onboard this time we have eight regular crew, two smaller ship lads, one Einar, four Norwegian girls and two merry gentlemen of older "vintage". ;)
Our first leg of journey will be Gran Canaria - Porto (Portugal), and we are fully prepared (with seasickness drugs, that is... naaaw!). According to the Captain, this first leg should be easy-peasy. Well, we'll see.

In Porto the Norwegians plan to sign off already, so in case you - super-spontaneously - would happen to feel like coming over to help us sail home (at least one leg, maybe? to or from England?), you'd be more than welcome to let us know! Phone or -email us: +46-733-735202 or stefan@elida.se

At the turn of the month we plan to sail into the port of Gothenburg!

Until then!

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säger (20140315, kl 21.58)

säger (20140315, kl 21.58)

säger (20140315, kl 21.58)

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