Spring camp summary

2014-06-01 19:43

It's been a long, long time since someone blogged here. I guess most of the crew are too intimidated to blog in English... ;)
Anyways. I'm going to try and summarize the spring a bit.

Since we got home to Sweden in the beginning of April - and after celebrating the Captain's 50th birthday! - the spring has been full of shorter 3-to-5-day camps with groups of teenagers from various churches. As you can see on the sample of pics to the right, these days are filled with sailing, fellowship, games & fun, and most of all - Jesus.
Camps are a great way to get young people "to taste God," ask questions and discuss life's deeper issues.

In between camps, we've also had some one-day business sails, that have been highly appreciated, judging from the guests.
In the beginning of June we were also in dry dock with Elida, for the yearly Marine Authority inspection and bottom paint work. Some perfect, sunny days on the beautiful islands of Tjörn.

Last weekend we had the confirmation ceremony of "our own" Spain confirmands, and currently we have our Sweden confirmands onboard, who will be confirmed in the middle of August. These will sail with us until Midsummer, from Gothenburg to Malmö in southern Sweden.
Then a group from a church in Stockholm will arrive and sail with us to the island of Gotland, on the east coast, where the following week our annual Music Tour will commence!

For more information about when and where we will be and play music this summer, click here.
If you're around, please make sure to come onboard for a chat & coffee!

May the good Lord bless you all!

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