The first weeks of Music Tour

2014-07-22 15:03

The Summer Music Tour has been on for a little more than three weeks now, and it's been full of activitites and impressions.

Many of the musicians have sacrificed the opportunity of summer jobs and income to be part of this (unpaid) summer outreach, but we believe God has a greater reward in store!

We alter music gigs while sailing and evening dock meetings in various ports with fellowship, swimming (jumping from the boat) and daily chores onboard. It surely is a good place to grow, both in maturity and in our walks with the Lord. And at the same time, we get to minister and reach out to other people, from all walks of life, in the different places where we end up.

So far we have had one week in Bohuslän, followed by a full week in our neighboring country Norway.
But there's still two more weeks to go!

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