Summer Music Tour has ended

2014-08-04 14:26

Five weeks of music tour has ended. "Already" - while at the same time "wow, so many things that have happened!"
We ended with a grand and well-visited dock meeting in Gothenburg. About 40 minutes before we were to begin, the rain poured hard, with hail and thunder. But right before 6 pm, the sun came out again! =)

God has been so faithful, and we've had a wonderful summer with great weather! Only one dock meeting had to be cancelled due to rain. We've had lots of people coming to listen, and our open day sails have been mostly full, which has helped us to pay portfees throughout the summer.

We have no idea what God has done in people's lives during these five weeks, but we trust in His word saying that not one word from His mouth shall return to Him void, but shall accomplish what God has intended (Isaiah 55:11). In due time, there will be a harvest!
In the meantime, we rest in Billy Graham's definition of evangelism:

Evangelism is cooperate with the Holy Spirit and other people to bring one person one step closer to God.

That simplifies things for us. We do our often seemingly small part, and God does the rest.

Now - camp season awaits! Tomorrow...! =)

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