Herring & crisps, anyone?

2014-09-22 22:08

Hey there!

Last Wednesday it was time to start off the journey to Spain again. I believe I speak for the whole crew (and the ship) in that the Spanish south coast has become our second home, with places to recognize and wonderful people to see again after being parted by many, many nautical miles. It makes you long for the destination.

Personally, this is my second sail down to the southern latitudes, and even though I easily get seasick, this first leg has gone quite well (with an emphasis on "quite").

The North Sea has offered one of its best sides, giving us a slight crayfish-red tint to our faces and many wonderful sailing moments. We did get some "old sea" for a day, but enough to diminsh our joy over the journey together. Even though some of us did feel a little "less well"...
I love my watch team, 8-to-12, which readily shows off musical talents such as Disney medleys and the flute.
So far we've had nothing byt great company with both new and old faces. As well as a hitch-hiking bird, Mr Knut, which we have fed with bread crumbs and müesli and which took a little nap(?) one afternoon on Carl's pillow. =)

Last night during my watch, someone suddenly began calling on the VHF something that sounded like, "Elda ved, Elda ved", which is Swedish for "Burn wood, burn wood!" We didn't understand they were calling on us ("Elida V") until they added our coordinates and speed. =D
Well, we've had some laughs, as well as fine conversations and good food, along the way this first leg.

Right now we're moored in Gosport-Portsmouth and have enjoyed a day off with adventures on land (where we, among other things, searched for a true Brittish Cream Tea).
We also speculated in a Swedish version of "Fish 'n' Chips" with herring & crisps. What do you think of that?

Moreover we've done some shopping, showered (long and warm) and are now ready for next leg of the journey, onward south. But before that – an English Breakfast!


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Nicklas säger (20140927, kl 14.35)

Hej morbror Björn!
Hoppas allt är bra på sjön! och att du trivs!
Tänker på dig!
Många kramar.
Nicklas & Yasmine

Annika säger (20140925, kl 18.55)

Vi får bara in att Elida är i Grekiskt farvatten så jag tänkte på filmen mumiens återkomst där de flyger iväg i ett luftskepp :) Med risk för att bli tjatig, Frida, Lia ylar efter dig...

Annika säger (20140924, kl 19.40)

Oj, så tyst det är här hemma nu när båda våra tjejer är på Elida. Tror Malin trivs i detta skönsjungande gäng. Att Frida trivs, vet vi sedan förra året. Hoppas ni mår bra!
Kram från oss till er alla!
Ps Lia suckar djupt och längtar efter sin matte. Jossi hänger kvar på en skör tråd.
Hälsningar Annika & Hans

Fredrika säger (20140924, kl 15.39)

Hoppas att pappa Björn mår bra och att färden över Biscaya blir bra. Vi mår bra alla här hemma men vi längtar efter dig! Regnet vräker ner o det blåser ordentlig på Svartlöga. Allt ok med mamma. Puss Freddan

Mamma-Karin säger (20140923, kl 21.22)

Fantastisk resa ni gör! Följer er resa på bloggen å på kartan! Kul! Hoppas nu att resan över Biscaya blir fin.
Hälsningar från Nils mamma

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