Successful start in Malaga

2014-10-13 20:49

Finally, a greeting from the ongoing Music Tour in Spain.

About a week ago we received the sad message that we wouldn't be able to enter the port of Puerto Banús during the weekend, where we normally start out our spanish tour. What to do? Go to Malaga?
Previous years we've only been in Malaga during weekdays, and even though the relatively newly-established "Muelle Uno", the pier with restaurants and shops, attracts people, it's been scarce.
But what a difference to be there during a weekend! In addition, the closing weekend of the Spanish fall break, with an additional holiday on Monday (today).

The first evening we had barely begun playing when the port police arrived. But even though they wanted us to get a permit in order to play the remaining days, we didn't have to stop right there and then – we could play one or two more songs...
The next day the Captain paid them a visit and received a permit to play. So we did, twice during the evening, and gathered quite a crowd.

Even more so yesterday and today, as our interpreters, Iris & Manuel, have arrived and we were able to be understood by more than just the tourists. The ship has been widely visited by curious people, and we do our best in communicating with them and showing them around.

However, the weather has been varying. Already on Saturday we were surprised by a heavy rainstorm, and because the wind picked up, the Captain didn't dare to follow the plan to go to Puerto Banús to anchor, as we were to be part of the Sunday service in The Wave church the following morning.
Therefore, it was decided we were to get up at 7 am in order to make it to church in time, all the way from Malaga.

There were hardly any wild cheers as we got out of our bunks on Sunday morning to find an almost tropical downpour! But go we must. However, the Captain was kind enough to order taxis for transport to the train station, from where we took the train to Fuengirola, from where we went by bus to Marbella (some people got to ride in a borrowed minivan) and finally to Puerto Banús.
We did arrive 15 minutes late, but Pastor Kurt was still only excited and grateful we had fought the weather to arrive at all. The church had invited many non-church-going friends, so there were many new faces, as well as many friends for us who have there before.
Now we really hope and pray we will be able to enter the port tomorrow!

Right now Elida is making its way from Malaga to Fuengirola, where we will anchor during the night, before going to Puerto Banús tomorrow.

Everyone is well and send their greetings!
Hugs from us all.

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horsted säger (20141022, kl 13.48)

Hej på er. Vi undrar om ni kommar till Torrevieja. Vi är många från svenska kyrkan som vill. Träffas med er? hälsning från Monica

Owe o Barbro säger (20141018, kl 12.04)

Trevligt att föja er. GUDS välsignelse över er alla som kämpar i regn o stormar för Gudsordets spridande i Europa och världen.

Mats E. säger (20141015, kl 22.14)

Har ni för avsikt att besöka Cartagena och i så fall vilket datum?

Anders Berle säger (20141015, kl 15.17)

Tack för den fina bloggen och bilderna! Hoppas ni får bättre väder!
Hälsa Rickard och gänget!

Gunnar Hållander säger (20141013, kl 21.57)

Jättetrevligt att höra från er...Men man ska nog inte vara över 60 år för att orka hålla det tempo ni har :-)))

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