Time off before music tour

2015-02-25 13:43

Sunny greetings from Gran Canaria!

Since our Swedish "Canary onfirmands" returned home on Friday (and after we had cleaned up the whole boat after them! ;-P), the crew has had some days off. We've been at anchor outside Arguineguin, on the south side of Gran Canaria, and have taken turns having anchor watch while the rest have visited the beach, been shopping or gone to church.

Last night a group of us were set on going to church in Playa del Inglés, but just before we were supposed to leave, the weather shifted and the anchor lost its hold! Nothing else to do but to winch up the whole line.
Problem was a few of us had already gone ashore, so we were a quite decimated group left who had to work hard! Even the young Captain boys had to help out. =)
But it went well - only it took us some time...

Tomorrow a group of young people from Snöstorp's parish (Sweden) will arrive to help out during our Music Tour, which begins this weekend.
On Friday, the musicians arrive, on Saturday we'll be practicing all day - and then the tour sets off, spreading Jesus and music along the coasts of Gran Canaria!

For more information about where we will be, please read here.

Take care, all!

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