With music and singing on Gran Canaria

2015-03-05 16:16

Sunny greetings!

We're leading a good life here on the south side of Gran Canaria, right now in Puerto Rico. The past couple of days we've been playing and singing in Templo Ecuménico in Playa del Inglés, the Scandinavian Tourist Church in both Puerto Rico and Las Palmas, as well as on the streets of Arguineguin and in teh shopping centre of Puerto Rico.

And finally the heat has set in, after the coldest winter on Gran Canaria in ten years! Right now we have around 23 degrees (C), and the sun burns from around 10 am until 6 pm. Nice! =)
However, in Las Palmas it was overcast and chilly, so we got back south again as soon as we could.

In between the music gigs and meals, there's also time for music pratice, cleaning, talking to people and passers-by, and every morning and evening we receive Bible teaching.
Along during the week we also have a group of teenagers from Sweden who help out with various chores and come along to our gigs.

Today we'll return to Playa del Inglés for an evening concert arranged by the Church of Sweden in San Agustin, but before that we'll have a dock meeting in the port of Puerto Rico. We expect quite a crowd! At least we've bought 500 muffins for snacks... ;-)

All gigs have gone well, and on Tuesday evening in Templo Ecuménico, people crammed the church, with lots of folks standing along the walls and in the back.
The music team is a little smaller than usual this year (due to work and school issues), so we're "using" everyone to their maximum, which of course also results in some sore throats. So, please, pray a little extra for us, that we'll have strength enough to run the whole distance, until Sunday evening.

Hugs from all of us!
/Elida Crew

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