Shore leave in Porto Santo

2015-03-17 14:55

After three long days, we've reached Porto Santo (Madeira) for a few hours ashore. It surely hasn't gone quickly this time, with lots of headwind och rough seas.

But according to the forecasts, it'll grow worse. "Take the opportunity to enjoy yourselves while you can," the Captain said right before we went ashore.
Normally, we go from here to Lisbon, but our plan this time was to try the route via the Azores and then straight to England. However, due to the weather, it won't be possible.
In addition, we'll be slanting heavily toward starboard side the next three-four days, meaning we won't be able to make water...

Weeell, it's a long way home. But spirits are still up! ...despite some seasickness.
So far the sun has been shining (even though it's chilly), and people have mostly been up om deck in the day-time. We truly have a book-reading group of sailors onboard this time. =)
Yesterday, some took a dip, but they came up fairly quickly, shivering.

Until next time - take care, all!

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