Seeking storm shelter in Porto

2015-03-23 17:06

We're sitting indoors (such a feeling!) at a café in Porto and are immensly grateful we made it here this morning just before another northern storm broke loose. I guess we'll be stuck here for a while...

Well, the trip from Porto Santo was... tough, to say the least. This is my twelfth time transport sailing to or from Spain, and I must admit this has so far been the hardest. Lots of hard headwind and rough sea. Imagine a mix of a gigantic restive rodeo horse, lashing out every five minutes (so that we in the aft cabin are thrown around like mittens), and an unmaintained rollercoaster from the early 1900s that has veered considerably to the left, and then a giant who repetedly hits the ship, rattling and shaking it all over. And all of this day after day after day after...
Something like that is what we've had. =D

It was a true solace to come up on Friday seeing blue skies! Even though the wind was still hard, the sun helped to lift tired spirits.

However, headwinds mean longer time to reach the goal. Had the weather systems been as they should this time of the year, we would've been in England by now, having taken the route over the Azores. Ah, well.

It was with great relief we approached Cascais on Saturday night, with the prospect of a day off on Sunday. But just in case the Captain ordered a gathering for information at breakfast time. And then we received new orders: Another storm was on its way, and we needed to leave NOW!

Too bad for the Norwegians who had ignored the gathering and gone ashore beforehand. In addition to leaving their cellphones onboard... =D
Five of the 17 Norwegians had booked tickets home the night before, and many of the rest had planned a day in Lisbon and asked to stay ashore and catch up later on. So in the end only eleven of us continued the journey.
We went by engine – in the end engine plus the jib – steadily and swiftly toward Porto, and, as said, made it in time before the storm really broke loose. We now have eleven(!) mooring lines out and hope to get some rest.

The Captain sends word that he reckons we'll be home before Midsummer. Just so you know.

Lots of love from all of us!

/Elida Crew (through karin)

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Birgitta Axelius säger (20150324, kl 8.11)

Oj vilken resa! Det går ju bara att ana när man aldrig varit med på nogot liknande. Hoppas allt går bra hemåt och att ni får lite lugnare väder. Gud välsigne och bevare er alla! Hälsa alla!

mia lindegren säger (20150324, kl 7.40)

"Med Jesus i båten kan jag le mitt i stormen" Gud välsigne er tappra människor. Snälla kom hem innan 10 maj, vi längtar till vårt läger! Allt gott på resten av hemresan!/ Mia

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