An unplanned stop in Lowestoft

2015-04-01 22:54

Yesterday (Tuesday) we left Portsmouth after getting back our jib sail back from the sailmaker, who had mended the rip. But as it was still very windy, we couldn't set it up yet but hope for calmer weather lager on.
Instead we used a little flap of the genoa sail and set off with great speed, having the gale coming up behind us. Everything finally looked very good, and the Captain even dared to hope we might make it to Gothenburg on time, on Good Friday.

At 4 a.m. I signed off my night watch, just as we sailed passed Dover. At 5 a.m. the main engine started up. Strange? The wind was still howling?
The explanation was another ripped sail! Without any external cause (such as wind change), a six-foot tear had ripped the genoa sail.

So now we've moored in Lowestoft to mend another sail, in addition to bunker oil. We had thought we would be able to make it home on the diesel we had left, but as we've had to go by engine all day (we can't sail without any foresail), we now need to fill up.

We couldn't take the sail down tonight as the wind was still too strong, but hopefully it will slack off by early morning. Then we hope to bunker so we can leave by noon.
And then we'll see when we'll get home...

At least it was great to be able to see our dear friend Tim, from Fishermen's Mission, again in Lowestoft! =)

Take care, all!

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