Finally home!

2015-04-05 20:01

We are truly, finally home!
At 6:15 pm we fastened the mooring lines on our own Pier 4 on the Eriksberg dock in Gothenburg, and were welcomed by a whole group of friends and family members. And cinnamon rolls! (thank you, Mona-Lisa!)

Well, it was obvious a lot of you prayed against storm and bad weather on the North Sea, because for a full 24 hours we had absolutely no wind! So, Gustav asked me to thank you all for your prayers, and at the same time ask you now to pray for money for the diesel...
*hahaha* ;-P

It was, however, wonderful with some calmer weather, for once, to be able to gather some strength.

We left Lowestoft on Thursday around 11 am after bunkering oil. We didn't take down the genoa sail to mend it, though, as that would have kept us in port for at least another day, if not longer due to the Easter holiday.

The North Sea was cold. During the night watches I had three layers of wool under the survival suit and double gloves, as well as a scarf over my cold nose. Thus, it was a wonderful treat to have bright skies and sunshine in the day times, to thaw us up.
The boiler has given us some fuss lately, only running for an hour and then turning off. So we had to remember to start it over at least once per watch for all those sleeping. =)

Yesterday was the Captain's birthday! His very first out at sea, he told us as the relieving watches at midnight sang for him and handed over some collected sweets. Later on, the afternoon coffee time presented canned fruit and whipped cream - and sprinkles and caramel sauce left over from his birthday last year! =D

Now the crew has a week off before gathering for some work days, preparing for the camp season, which commences next Wednesday.

Much love from all of us tired but happy sailors!

/Stefan, Gustav, Linnea, Bosse, Tony, Stig, Håkan, Ingvar and yours truly (Karin)

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