Happy rainy Midsummer

2015-06-19 16:19

Brief hello from Elida, which is currently sailing from Halmstad to Höganäs, where we intend to celebrate Midsummer - in between the rain showers.

Onboard we have our Sweden confirmands, who have their second out of three camps; the will be confirmed in August.
Earlier in June we confirmed our two other groups, the Spain and the Canary confirmands. Both ceremonies were held in Öckerö Church and were wonderful services with lots of family members and friends.

The current group arrived last Monday and had a pretty rough sail to Halmstad from Gothenburg yesterday, getting up at 4 am. Lots of leaning, waves splashing on deck and quite a bit of seasickness. Right now they're doing better - although it's kind of tiring with all these rains as soon as it's time to celebrate Midsummer.
Let's see what Höganäs can offer.

Midsummer hugs from us all!

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