Finally some news from the Music Tour

2015-07-06 20:15

Yes, finally you'll get some signs of life from us on the ongoing Music Tour!

Right now (Monday night) we're moored in Nacka Strand, Stockholm, where the musicians have a day off ashore, while the crew have just had a day sail with some fifty wonderful people of various nationalities and ages, all from the work of Fisksätra Church.
It rained all day except the last half hour, but there were no sad faces around! Rather lots of laughter, singing, fellowship, good food, swimming (cold!!), etc.

Many of these people come from very traumatic backgrounds, e.g. in the Middle East, and it was so great to see especially the children "let loose" and relax as they got to hoist the sails, steer the ship, swim and sing. The priest Pia-Sophia and her team are really doing a marvellous and tenacious job serving these precious people!

Yesterday evening we had a great(!) concert up in Nacka Church, invited by Pia-Sophia. This church have had confirmation camps onboard every year since 2007, and had now specially invited all previous confirmands, in addition to all other visitiors. The atmosphere was warm, joyful and open.
Afterwards we invited all for "fika" (coffee & snacks) down on the ship.

This was the beginning of our "Stockholm Week" during the Tour. But behind us we have a wonderful and sunny(!) week on the island Gotland, where the annual Politicians' Week took place in Visby. It was clear this was the "post-election" year, for the intensity was definitely calmer. Still, the narrow cobblestone streets were filled with thousands of politicians, lobbyists, journalists and common men.

This year we didn't have as many Christian organizations as usual having their panel debates and seminars onboard "the Elida stage," only two. One regarding being Christian among scientists and researchers, and the other regarding being a known Christian public profile in society, both arranged by the Clapham Institute.
In addition, we, of course, had our dock meetings with live music and testimonies every evening, right after the party leader speech, with open ship both before and after. One special guest this year was 79-year-old Elise Lindqvist, also known as "the Angel of Malmskillnadsgatan," who has become nationally well-known due to her untiring devotion to helping prostitutes and people subject to sex trade on the streets in Stockholm. Her own gripping testimony, of being a prositute herself for most of her life until she encountered Jesus around 20 years ago, attracted lots of listeners and touched many.

It is truly amazing being able to be there, during the Politicians' Week, right in the midst of this "soup of opinions" and among the cream of intelligentsia, to remind people that the church isn't dead but very much alive, and that God has something to say in regards to public debate on social matters.
In addition, we provide an oasis and breathing-space for other Christians (especially politicians), who can glean some extra energy by our presence and support.

In regards to this year's music team there are many returning members, but also some new faces. One of them is Alex (Alejandro), our Spaniard, who was among the guys who sailed with us from Spain to Las Palmas in February. Now he's here to help out during the summer and "spice up" our dock meetings with his flamenco-style music. =)

We're all doing good, and hope you are, too.
Lots of love from all of us,
/Elida Crew, via Karin

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