Thoughts from an Indian

2015-07-30 12:37

This time we get a blog from our visiting friend Jonathan, whose family is in charge of Elida Mission's Children's Home in India.

We've now been sailing to four different countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway) in one month with one objective and purpose: to spread the LOVE of Christ. The process is tiring at times, but it's the very thing that defines the purpose.
The process of sailing did allow me to make new friends, meet people on the docks, hear their stories, comprehend their struggles, and even perceive the tears running down their cheeks at times and share mine with them.

It's been fascinating to talk about life while sailing because at the end of the day we are all "sailing in the same boat" with a perpetual desire to place our hearts and minds on something unassailable, something constant. Despite of our lapses!

An elderly friend whom I met in Norway said to me: "Jonathan, you know, if I could say something that I've learnt in my life so far, that would be: Don't worry about ANYTHING because He's in Control!!" Growing up hearing lines like these might have made my heart insensitive somewhere down the line to reckon the gravity of this truth. But to hear this from a man who's been through hell on earth and still holds his chest high and professes this illogical love, this for me is the joy that cannot be controlled by mere feelings and "oh! how safe it sounds."

This gentleman's life was impacted thru the ministry of Elida in the early '70s, and I'm so grateful for this ministry and to be a part of this family!! "Sailing for Jesus" is the theme of the boat, flashing "3:16" printed on the gigantic sail connoting the ultimate expression of love, Gods love, the constant love, as expressed in John 3:16. And this is INSPIRING to say the least!

My heart is so full with gratitude toward the leadership of this ministry and proud to be a part of it!


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