We honour Biggan!

2015-08-30 19:31

Few people have come around Elida during the past 40 years without meeting our Birgitta "Biggan" Ramsberg!

This wonderful lady, who always has a little extra strength left to help someone in need, is truly remarkable! Contrary to what our society teaches us, to first and foremost invest in ourselves, make money and seek pleasure above all, Biggan has decided to give of herself, share her money and sacrifice comfort in order for other people to be able to meet kindness, joy and love, and ultimatly Jesus.
She is an example to us all in showing God's love in practical acts, especially without ever advertising herself.

Biggan began working on Elida as a 25-year-old, and has since worked on all the Elida ships, except the very first one. In addition, she has spent almost eight years in total on our children's homes in southern India, where she has supported and worked alongside Joy & Annama in serving many, many children, and also aided in bringing Indian children to adoptive families here in Sweden. Still today she is "dear Auntie" to so many Indians.

For us ho have worked some years onboard, she is not only a great collegue, but also close to a family member with a special place in our hearts. To the small boys onboard, she is an evident part of our closest family.

Biggan has given 40 years to the work and Kingdom of God - and we are many who admire her faithfulness! Therefore, we see it fit to honour this lady with a great THANK YOU and deep respect.

Biggan, you are a hero and we love you!
There are many more years to come!

/Elida Crew

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