Greeting from Alex

2015-09-04 13:20

God is good and gave and gave me the opportunity to know more of Him. He opened the door for me to leave my country of Spain for three months and get to know another culture, different surroundings, a country totally different to what I knew.
It's been an incredible experience, some beautiful places and countries that I would only expect to see on the internet or in a magazine.

Even though it's been an incredible experience, it was hard as well. Sometimes I felt alone, the language was difficult to perfect (I'm not fluent in English, and few spoke a little Spanish) and it took me time to understand. But little by little I adapted.
The trip has helped me and given me strength for possible future plans away from home.

What really brought value to me was to have met some incredible people. They say that in life a family united is most important and I have realized that I have a family in Sweden. A great reason to return.

Like I said before God is good.
Thanks Elida.
Thanks Dad (God).


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