Preparation time

2015-09-16 15:32

Sounds of sawing, carpentry, screwing, washing, scrubbing and cooking fill the boat right now. There's lots to do before setting sail. For tomorrow evening we hope to be able to throw off the lines from our home birth, Pier 4 in Gothenburg, and head south for Spain. (A rain storm might delay that, though, until Friday morning...)

We started off the week by taking down and handing in the main sail for service, and then Eddie arrived to go through the sound equipment, loudspeakers etc for the coming music tour. The guys have scrubbed all kelsons and changed the oil in the main engine and generator, and right now some people are off to do the major grocery shopping.
This morning two wonderful, deft gentlemen arrived, who have made new wooden tables for the salon, along with a new storage cabinet, as well as a guitar rack!

Tonight the first co-sailors will arrive, while the rest show up tomorrow. As it seems now, we'll be 15 people sailing off for England, a mixedgroup both in experience and age. Fun!

We've heard the forecast promising a storm on the North Sea... so let's pray for good weather and a safe journey.

/Elida Crew

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