Delayed - but on our way

2015-09-19 09:24

Yes, we're off, for real this time.

Yesterday a storm played around on the North Sea, and quite a bit in Gothenburg port as well, so we decided to wait it out. While waiting, our own sailor Bosse gave us a private tour around the 18th-century Sweden East India Company replica ship "Götheborg," the world's largest sailing wooden ship, which also happen to be our port neighbour. Bosse has sailed it six times and knew his way around well.

Around 7 pm we left our home berth and headed for the nearby island Öckerö (picking up our mainsail from the sailmaker on the way). There we were visited by this year's Elida Spain confirmands, who right now have their first camp there together with some of the crew. Together we had evening prayer in the saloon before calling it a day.

This morning we got up at 6:45 am to set sail and head off, for real. We're 15 happy sailors, aged 19 to 69, and right now the Captain is teaching the new ones about steering and general guidelines.
The sun is shining, the sky is blue and we're sailing with the mizzen and jib sail.

We'll try to blog when we can, but in between you can follow us on the map, using the button on the very bottom of the page. Sometimes we lose contact with the AIS and can't be seen, but otherwise you should be able to follow our route there.

Please, pray for us and our journey.Take care, all!
/Elida Crew

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Håkan Gunnerling säger (20150924, kl 9.12)

Gomorron, vad gör ni i Margate,tvekar inför kanalen? Dåliga minnen. kram till er alla omgod tur!

Claes Jönsson säger (20150922, kl 21.47)

Hej Trevligt att ni är på väg och jag såg på er position att ni kommit en bra bit. Kompiss med Lasse Ekenblom som jag hoppas sköter sig och som ni gärna får hälsa till. Ha en god tur.

mia säger (20150921, kl 7.26)

Härligt att ni är på väg! Nu ska vi följa er! Allt gott till er alla!

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