About to leave Cartagena

2016-01-27 13:32

Hello everyone!

The Elida crew has left its "winter hibernation" and is now at work again. We strated up the season together with the music crew in Huskvarna, where we had a great "dock meeting ashore" in a church that hosted us. Lots of people came for concert, fellowship, café and talk show.

After this the ordinary crew went to Öckerö (Gothenburg) for some days together of fellowship, Bible teaching and planning for the upcoming season. We also welcomed a new crew member: Gabriel Hätting, from Lidköping.

A week ago we – finally – arrived to the ship in Cartagena, Spain, after some tiresome days due to delayed flights and other fuss. But – we're equipped with positive minds, so all went well. =)
With the help from some trainee sailors, who will join us to Canary Islands, we have now freshened up the ship after the winter. New lamps have been mounted, the letters on the hull have been smartened up with some new paint, the kitchen now has a cleaner glow, and the fenders and the deck have been scrubbed.

The last thing on the list today (Wednesday) is to buy everything we need for the sail to Las Palmas, which will take around six days; we plan to leave this tonight. We will make a stop in Malaga long the way to pick the remaining crew (Karin and Diana with children), as well as some additional trainee sailors. We'll be quite a group a of poeple going south this time!

Happy greetings from the Crew,
through Clara

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