2016-04-07 21:43

Yes, we're finally home in Sweden again!
The voyage over the North Sea went relatively well, considering we only could use a corner of the jib sail (it was way too expensive to get it mended in England, so we patched it up as well as we could, but it only lasted for a day or so). We met a steady broad reach, which sent us up along the Dutch and then Danish coasts. But from Danish Hirtshals and on, we had to go by engine, as the wind died out again.

According to our speed calculation gadget on the AIS, we were to arrive in Gothenburg early Sunday morning. But as the Captain online had promised welcome "fika" (coffee) at 3 pm, we again hoisted the sails as we reached the Gothenburg archipelago and then sailed – in 1-1.5 knots! – toward the port. Meanwhile, we cleaned the ship and made here nice and ready for the coming season.
The very last bit, we again ahd to start the engine, and a quarter to three, we rounded the corner of Pier 4, our berth, on Eriksberg, where a whole bunch of happy people stood waving and welcoming us home! Soon the salon was a loud beehive buzz of all realatives and friends who wanted to hear about the sailors' experiences, all the while we enjoyed coffee (dear ol' Birgitta met us the quay with Swedish ground coffee as we ran out of ours on board a while ago) and freshly baked cinnamon rolls, brought by Mona-Lisa, according to tradition by now.
One by one the sailors hugged farewell and headed home.

Now is a period of recovery for the main crew before camp season hits off next week.

All of you who have sailed with us this time - A BIG THANK YOU! And you all know you're ALWAYS welcome back!

/Elida Crew, through Karin

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