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2016-06-16 18:57

We're currently moored in Lysekil, having our 26 Sweden confirmands onboard for a 2-week camp. They signed on the very day after the confirmation ceremony for our 24 Spain confirmands, which was immediately preceeded by the ceremony for our Canary confirmands...So we keep ourselves busy! :D
Fact is we have thus waved off our 19th group of Elida confirmands! That's amazing!

What's also amazing is that you can now watch us – the Elida Crew – on Swedish TV every week all summer!
It's the Christian Channel 10 which broadcasts a reality TV show about the every-day life onboard, every Friday at 7 pm (GMT+1).
However, in case you are busy on Friday nights, you can from this very day watch the episodes via Channel 10's Play function! In other words, whenever you please.

In such case you simply follow this link and choose the episode you wish to watch. (NB! They will be in Swedish, without English subtitles).
So far only two episodes have been aired, the third being broadcast tomorrow night.

In this way you will be able to follow our work throughout the summer, both camps and music tour. And if you come visit us at a dock meeting this summer, who knows, you might even get a chance to be in one of the episodes?!

Live well and hug each other!

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