Olivia about the Summer tour

2016-08-10 10:50

The Summer Tour is over (and the fall camp season has already begun, with 43 people from Luleå onboard).
It's been a good tour this year! Fine dock meetings with lots of people, even though the final week offered quite some wind and rain, when we had move down both the music and the people into the saloon. But that also offered warm and cozy fellowship around the coffee tables afterwards.
Two of eth dock meetings had to be cancelled due to the strong winds. The ports of both Dyrön and Åstol are difficult as are, even more so in a gale. But other than that, the five music weeks left a sweet after taste.

Along in the music team this summer we had a new acquaintance, Olivia from Huskvarna who sang alto and was here all five weeks. These are her thoughts and words regarding the summer:

"This summer I've been a singer in the Elida music crew, where my task has been to be ready to sing at any time: at dock meetings, in churches and while sailing along the coastline, thus spreading the message about Jesus.
I'm so grateful for these five weeks, for all memories and for my extra family onboard Elida. You really do become like a family there, with many sisters and brothers of various nationalisties and backgrounds.

The boat life has not only been about sun, ice cream and fun, but also seasickness, frustration and limited access to privacy. But along with that comes self-development, as well, and I bring with me important life lessons and experience, such as placing the best of the team before myself and my interests, offering to do an extra round of dishes, taking care of and encouraging one another, for anyone can have a bad day some time.

During the morning and evening prayers, I've sensed a genuine heart of worship and longing after Jesus. Most of the times the Captain has been teaching, and it has helped me reach a deeper relationship with my daddy God. This has, in turn, made it easier in the ports to express my faith through singing and conversations with people, helping them one step closer to Christ. Our philosophy with the dock meetings is, that even if only a single person hears and is touched by our message, it's all worth it.
But, of course, is fun to sing for full ports, where many people listen and like what we do!

Hugs from me!"

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