Urgent appeal!

2016-08-23 15:49

This past spring, right before our Summer Tour began, we received a heavy message: Our bank then notified us that they required an extra instalment of SEK 2.5 million (approx. €270,000) in order to renew our loan on Elida V, which today amounts to SEK 16.5 million (approx €1.8 million).
Heavy, because the message arrived right before a very demanding period, where all our time is taken up by carrying out all of the commitments we've scheduled. And heavy, because the message came so near the renewal date of the loan, in August.

The mesage was also very unexpected as we, historically, have been diligent paying all our previous regular instalments and interest. The bank justified their decision with the fact that the value of this kind of megayacht has decreased in Europe lately, wherefore they wish to reduce their risk-taking.

We wish to inform all of our Elida friends of the current situation, and at the same time make an appeal for us, together, to secure that Elida can continue its important work and mission, among both young people and tourists, in Sweden and Southern Europe.

We have thought of various solutions to this challenge, such as business sponsoring, individuals making one-time donations, and others committing to become regular donators.
But maybe you have more suggestions and ideas?

We hope that we before 31 August can make a partial payment on the required instalment, but also present guarantees from businesses, sponsors and donators, which altogether is equivalent to the SEK 2.5 million that the bank demands in order to renew our loan.

Would you like to help us in this situation? Maybe you can make a one-time donation, or are you even able to become a monthly donator, as a member of Elida PartnerShip? If a little more than 200 people pledge to donate SEK 200 (approx. €22) per month during the following five years (which is the loan period), we can meet the demands from the bank! And thus secure the continued work of Elida.

We wish to thank you all, cordially, for your support and your prayers! May God bless you all!

Kind regards,
Stefan & Diana

PS. In order for us to present our guarantees to the bank, we need your response before 30 August!
And as a small thank-you to all who make a one-time donation of SEK 1,000 or more (approx. €110), or who join Elida PartnerShip and pledge to dontae SEK 200 per month, we will send our newly recorded CD.


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Anna säger (20160814, kl 22.37)


Jag kan inte hitta något Swish nummer?

Björn Hellman säger (20160812, kl 21.08)

Har satt in 1000kr idag till er fina verksamhet och båt. Gud välsigne er!

En Elida musik-cd vore förstås fint att ha i bilen.
Björn Hellman
Kalkstigen 4
19633 Kungsängen

Ber för er och proklamerar Seger.

//Björn Hellman

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