Time for Spain season

2017-09-18 21:42

This morning (Monday) I left off Stefan by Elida and was met with a happy group of eager sailors, ready to take on the journey westward to round the peak of Denmark and then continue down south toward southern Europe.

Now the ship will stay away from Sweden until April, and lots of adventures await. But a few of us are still left in Sweden to start up our Spain confirnation group coming weekend; this is the group that later will fly to us in Spain for a 2-week camp.

If you want to follow the ship during the voyage, just click on the button "Elida's current position" just below. We understand quite a few people like to check in on us every now and then, and it feels good knowing you think of us.
Let's now see what this trip has to offer! It's ususally many wonderful things – as this time, I'm sure.

On Saturday I, along with my boys (Zemias and Lewi) and Niklas, will fly to England to meet up with the ship – and no doubt hear about the adventures of the North Sea. Hopefully, you'll get to read about some of them here on the blog eventually.

Take care!

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