Pilgrim Israel 2018

2018-04-21 20:06

This is a voyage for solidarity and justice, human rights and freedom, in the sign of truth and love.

In a time when the Middle-Eastern cradle of the Christian faith is being purged from Christian believers, the silence of West is alarming. Few voice their concern of what is happening to our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East, and the purging continues unabated.
This silence must be broken!

Elida is a small all-Christian organization that cooperates with various Christian groups to fulfill our joint mission to make Christ known and loved.
We wish to invite people and organizations who see what we see happening in the Middle East to show solidarity with our brethren by raising this issue in a joint manifestation. Elida wants to be a stage for spreading this important message and helping break the silence.

Israel is the destination of our voyage, and the reasons are many. One is that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Surrounded by dictatorships, where human rights are continuously violated, Israel shines like a beacon at night.
This state points the way to an ethically sustainable society, where there is room for differences in the midst of a united nation, despite all challenges it constantly faces.

Most of all, this is the only country in the Middle East where the Christian minority isn’t decreasing, but rather growing. For 70 years democracy and justice have been a guiding star for building the Israeli society.

Israel is also the land that God promised to Abraham, and its sheer existence is an evident proof of God’s steadfast promises. When the state of Israel was proclaimed in 1948, God showed His faithfulness toward His people – something every Christian ought to celebrate as it proves that God keeps His promises.*

We are deeply grateful for all who are willing to join us in this important manifestation. Help us break the silence, help us become voices for our Christian brethren, and help us defend their rights to exist.
Before it is too late.

Sailing schedule, fall 2018:

Our journey begins with the Politicians’ Week at Almedalen (1–8 July), with various seminars and panel talks onboard regarding this very issue.

Then, on Saturday 25 August, at 12 pm, we invite to a sail-off gathering in Gothenburg.

Leg 1: Sweden–England    25–31 August
Leg 2: England–Lisboa      31 August–6 September
Leg 3: Lisboa–Malaga        6–11 September
Leg 4: Malaga–Italy          17–23 September
Leg 5: Italy–Cyprus          26 September–5 October

Inward voyage: Cyprus–Israel   10–11 October

People are invited to sail along with us, thus helping us to finance this venture. However, during the actual inward voyage, we have reserved spaces onboard; for those wanting to participate but are unable to come along on Elida, one can take the ferry from Cyprus to Haifa.

Israel Special:             12–21 October
(The program during our stay in Israel is still being worked out.)

Elida Greece Confirmation camp   24 October–7 November

Leg 6: Athens–Rome        11–18 November
Leg 7: Rome–Cartagena   19–30 November

*Today Israel constitutes around one half percent of the 5,200,000 km2 that is generally labeled the Middle East, and only one fifth of the area originally promised for a Jewish national home in 1917, in the so-called Balfour Declaration.

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Anette Hall säger (20180425, kl 20.33)

Önskar er all lycka och välgång på er långa resa till Israel.

Med vänliga hälsningar
Anette Hall

Ps. Om man skulle vilja ge ett litet ekonomiskt bidrag till seglingen till Israel ( det kan tyvärr inte någon stor summa )
Vilket konto sätter man då in pengarna på. Ds

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