2018-10-22 20:51

The Skipper’s words on ”Pilgrim 2018”

I my early teens I helped my father, the current skipper of Elida, to provide food and necessities to Christian refugees, hidden in summer cottages along the Swedish west coast, homes that the owners had let us use. I remember how we in the winter-time carefully swept away all traces in the snow so that no one would suspect there were people in the dark houses.

The reason was that during the 1970–80s, my father was active in a network rescuing Armenian Christians fleeing persecution. With the ship Elida he sailed between Denmark and Sweden with quite a number of refugees. With the Soviet Union on one side and Turkey on the other, no country on the continent was willing to receive them, in fear of falling out with the great powers.

The encounter with these people, scarred by fear and torture – who gratefully received anything we could provide them with – left an indelible mark in me, as well as the realization how a democracy can become the refuge for both people groups and a free society.

In thankfulness I also saw how God’s Ten Commandments constitute the very foundation of the Western society – and realized the importance of protecting it.

Lately I’ve become deeply alarmed when seeing how the persecution against Christians remaining in the Middle East – the very cradle of the Christian faith – has increased, but yet been ignored by the Western world.

This prevailing silence, while these people are being eradicated, must be broken! The systematic persecution must be stopped!

The oppression ruling in these areas, where extreme Islam reigns, is far from a dignified life, and we in the West must dare to stand up and raise our voice.

As the daily leader of a small, all-Christian organisation working with Swedish young people, I have many times wondered what I can do to make a difference for people fighting for their life and faith in dictatorships around the world. This manifestation sail is a product of that.

In the Middle East there is but one nation opening its ports for a ship like Elida, marked with the logo “Sailing for Jesus” – the state of Israel.
No country is perfect, no country is without problems and challenges. But as a Swede I can observe Israel from the outside and see what a “lighthouse” this nation constitutes for democracy and human rights in an environment where these rights otherwise have little merit.

The Jews were the ones who once received God’s Ten Commandments, which provide the very foundation of both human value and our human rights, and the Jews have since guarded and defended them. Thanks to this, the Western world has been able to build its societies on these very values.
We need to honour the Jews for this.

In addition, seeing how our own current government have made multiple decisions and statements violating Israel, as the only democracy in the Middle East, we wish to send a signal that there are actually Swedes who are of another opinion.

And what better occasion to do all this than the very year Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary as a democratic state?!

Our desire at Elida is that all who wish to show solidarity with exposed Christians and show support for Israel can sail with us in this movement of love, friendship and sincere hope of true peace.

Welcome onboad!

/Stefan Abrahamsson, skipper of Elida

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Lisa s McAllister säger (20181106, kl 21.35)

we are so proud of the statement you are making with this trip!. we are praying for complete success and a beautiful ripple effect on the message you deliver at all ports. we love you all and the nation of Israel !

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