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2018-09-19 12:31

Important information regarding this year's bank instalment

Right now Elida is on her way to Israel, where we will arrive in Herzliya, just outside of Tel Aviv, on 11 October. A voyage with the purpose of raising our voice for the persecuted Christian minorities in the Middle East and raising the issue of how to break the prevailing silence while these Christians are being eradicated.

We have currently paid off approx. 400,000 SEK (38,500 EUR) of this year's bank instalment, leaving another 300,000 SEK (28,900 EUR)yet to be paid off.
In addition, the sail to Israel has involved some extra costs, which means we are now around half a million Swedish crowns short in the organization.

If we are many who join together in this situation, Elida's finances can become balanced!

If you would like to help us with a donation, please see this link for payment details.

You can also read more about our sail, Pilgrim 2018, here on our website.

Thank you, dear friends!

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